BOATPARK access from the sea

Reception buoy on leading line, 1 nm from port entry, 56°54.34’ N, 21°08.94’ E, Mo(A).W.10s. Breakwater light beacons: Fl.G.3s and Fl.R.3s. Straight entrance from NW following the leading line (direction 144.2°, Fl W 3 s). Big waves may appear between breakwaters at strong N, NW winds.

Boatyard is located at the left bank of the river, behind the marina and gas station. Parallel mooring at the non-obstructed pontoon or crane platform. Depth 2-3m.  Area is well protected from most wind directions.  

Please note, due to limited space, mooring in Boatpark area is mostly for service needs. For better service it is also advised to contact Boatpark in advance by email or phone/whatsapp and shortly describe your boat and wishes.

email:,  phone: +371 29274532, +371 29211225


If you happen to arrive while service and even mooring in Boatpark area is not yet possible, you may enjoy your stay in near-by marina with on both sides of river. Right bank is closer to  cafes and supermarket, while left bank is more calm.

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